Christian Insight Meditation


Christian Insight Meditation Calgary is a local, volunteer-operated organization of individuals who live in or near Calgary and have received meditation instruction during a retreat with a Resources for Ecumenical Resources teacher.  

Christian Insight Meditation is based on the teachings of St John of the Cross and Insight (Vipassana) Meditation, and comes from the Christian Carmelite and Theravada Buddhist traditions. Its aim is to accomplish what St. John saw we need to do to come closer to God; that is, to develop the self-knowledge that is a prerequisite for coming to knowledge of God and to empty ourselves of the impediments to which our minds and hearts are clinging.

The practice of Christian Insight meditation can enliven one’s entire prayer life.  It can prepare our hearts to hear God’s word in new ways, set the stage for new insight into the deeper meaning of the words and symbols we celebrate in Christian worship and practice, and help us to grow in the purity of heart, poverty of spirit, and emptiness of self that dispose us for God’s work in our lives.  The practice is particularly valuable for taking prayer beyond discursiveness, petition, and thinking.  Christian insight meditation is nothing short of a powerful way to “pray always” and practice loving presence to God.